Kitchen lamps

Kitchen lamps

Kitchen lamps are fundamental in order to better do the house activities, like as cooking, they are also an important furnishing item, in fact, are available different models, in different shapes and styles.  

Kitchen lamps are able to create atmosphere and embellish your kitchens, you can choose among different shapes, dimensions, styles and colors.

Infabbrica has chosen for you the best kitchen lamps, modern and design lamps with which you could decore and illumine your kitchen. 

Decore your home with kitchen lamps

Decore your home with kitchen lamps: Light is indispensable to illumine and make livable your house and mostly, your kitchen, where almost everyday you prepare meals, using tools and knives.

When choosing the lighting for the kitchen, you need to be sure regarding the light type that suits better for your environment. For example, for a kitche placed on a little space, a suspended chandelier is suggested, that direct the light on the cooking surface, while for more spacious kitchens, suitable are the lamps which can be fixed on furnitures and cabinets.

On a kitchen where lunches and dinners are prepared, a correct lighting is indispensable, you need to choose the right light, which allow you both to well see what are you cooking and let you eat on a pleasant environment.

When purchasing kitchen lamps, then, you need to know which kind of lamp you need and if it has to have a warm or cold light.

A beam of light projected from above which widens downwards provides an indirect lighting, ideal to illumine dining tables and cooking surfaces, that is the reason why Infabbrica proposes on its catalog different kitchen chandeliers.

While choosing a kitchen chandelier, you have to consider also the different needs that you are searching to satisfy, these chandeliers can have different shapes, many points of light in order to illumine at the same time what you need on the cooking surface. Are also avaialble in different material and styles, to satisfy all the possible requests.  

On Infabbrica catalog there are many chandelier models, from the more classics made of glass, to the modern ones, made of metal, the right choice is based only on the one which better fit your needs and catch your attention.

Design kitchen lamps, to light with style

Design kitchen lamps, to light with style: On a modern kitchen, provided with all the newest technologies and from the refined details, design kitchen lamps are what you are searching for. The fusion of metal and glass creates unique and fascinating lamps which have become a must-have for our kitchens. 

Whatever type of kitchen you have, on Infabbrica you can certainly find design kitchen lamps that more suits your needs.

Over than the design of a kitchen lamp not to overlook are also the dimensions of it: for more spacious kitchens, suitable are the suspended chandeliers combined with recessed lights for an integrated lighting, while, for more little kitchens suitable are the chandeliers with wide diffusors which provide the lighting you need.

In a modern kitchen the glass lamps are the best choice, because they can enlight the room and offer a clear and shiny light. Anyway, you can also choose metal lamps with chromed or glazed colors, which conform to the finishing of your kitchen.

Infabbrica suggests that you use led lightbulbs or eco-save bulbs, which last longer and make you save money.

If you need help during the purchase or if you have questions, please phone us 0721580999 or write an e-mail to Choose Infabbrica, choose a design lighting!

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SPIDER hanging metal lamp  Hanging lamp in black painted metal with brushed chrome finish, with adjustable height.Lamp, ideal for modern indoor like loft or kitchen, in office or in store. SIZES:D.12 x H.reg250 CM 1xE27 MAX 40W

45,00 € 57,00 €
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  • More colors available

Hanging lamp in glass Structure in chromed metal. Diffusor in pirex glass frosted with sand in the central zone. Size: Ø 120 Lampshade H 350 mm - Ø 110 base H min/max 460/1350 mm max 1 x 60W E27 / 230V

49,00 €
  • More colors available

COCKTAIL 6438 Hanging lamp in metal Hanging lamp in white or black painted metal.Lamp, ideal for modern indoor like loft or kitchen, livingroom in office or in store. COLORS: White or Black SIZE: Ø50 X 150 CM Height adjustment1XE27 MAX 40WBULB NOT INCLUDED

55,00 € 71,00 €
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  • More colors available

Lumen 3102: industrial vintage pendant Industrial vintage pendant, brass lamp, perfect as lamp for a vintage kitchen or for an industrial-style living room. Lamps made of die-cast brass and plate.  Ideal for lighting vintage rooms, in cottages and mansions or for industrial-style furnishing....

55,00 € 73,33 €
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  • More colors available

Edison suspended lamp in metal  Minimal lamp with metal ceiling rose and socket cover finished in chrome or with matt white, red or black enamel coating. Power cable coated with fabric. Colours: Chrome, Matt white, Matt red, Matt black. Size: Ø 110 400/1300 mm - Base Ø 90 max 1 x 60W E27 Light...

55,00 €
  • More colors available

Hanging Lamp in blown glass Diffusor in acid-etched blown glass, interior white and colored exterior.Cables with adjustable lenght. Size: Lampshade Ø 105 - H min/max 440/1100 mm - Base Ø 80max 1 x 40W E14 / 230V

57,00 €
  • More colors available

Look cylindrical hanging lamp Lamp with metal frame and cylindrical diffuser. Available with chrome or matt white or black varnish finish. Ideal for your living room, kitchen, entrée and office. Size: Ø 60 H600/1270 mm - Lampshade Ø 60 x H400 - Base Ø 60 mm max 1 x 50W GU10 Light bulbs GU10 28W...

59,00 €
  • More colors available

Manhattan suspended lamp in metal and wood  Lamp with metal ceiling rose and diffuser with matt white or black varnish finish and with natural wood detail. Power cable coated with black fabric. Size: Ø 110 H500/1440 mm - Base Ø 80 max 1 x 40W E14 IP 20 class I

65,00 €

Hanging metal lamp TUBE Hanging lamp in white painted metal, with adjustable height.Lamp, ideal for modern indoor like loft or kitchen, in office or in store. SIZES:D.5 x 22 x H.reg150 CM LED 5W 400Lm 3000K

69,00 € 79,00 €
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Kit with 3 LED spotlights Kit composed of 3 square LED spotlights with metal body and polycarbonated screen. Possibility of recess or ceiling assembly through spacer, which is included into the kit. The kit includes:3 LED spotlights3 spacers1 power supply1 supplier with 4 exits Bright source:LED...

79,00 €
  • More colors available

Navy hanging lamp with metal diffuser, industrial style Metal frame and diffuser with different finishes.Enamelled white inner side. Adjustable in length power cable. Size:  ø 260 350/1200 mmBase ø 130 mmLampshade ø 260 mmmax 1 x 60W E27 IP 20 class ILightbulbs excluded

85,00 €
  • More colors available

Hanging Lamp in coloured glass Diffusor in acid-etched blown glass. White inside and coloured outside.Cables with adjustable lenght. Sizes: Lampshade Ø 200 - H min/max 320/1260 mm - Base Ø 80max 1 x 40W E14 / 230V

86,00 €
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