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At home you can not do without design table LEd lamps, to lluminate the environment in the right way with a stylish and chic item.

On the living room table to read a magazine or to create the right atmosphere, on the bedside table to read while lying on the bed or on a desk to work, table LED lamps are indispensable and useful. That's the reason why, while planning the lighting of your home there will always be enough space for a table LED lamp!

Find out your suitable lamp among our proposals in order to enrich your furniture!

Why choose a LED lamp for your table

A right illumination is fundamental both for the everyday life and for a matter of aesthetic style: a well-lit house is a plasure not only for those who live there, but also for the guests who come to visit you. Indeed the illumination plays an important role to create a familiar and warm house atmosphere. A bright house is also a pretty domesticated place. We suggest you a little trick, useful primarily for those who have little space at home: the light helps the house to appear more spacious than it is.

LED technology is a fairly recent invention which is gaining a quick success for the obvious advantages which presents compared to the traditional light bulbs:

Table LED lamps produce a clear light, intense, that shines perfectly. Furthermore the lightness often presents the possibility to adjust the intensity, in order to have a soft light when you need to relax while watching TV or talking with a friend seated on the sofa even with a glass of wine.

• The duration of the LED is significantly higher than normal light bulbs. In fact 50.000 hours of use are guaranteed.

The longevity of the LED table lamps depends on the reduced consumption, which implies a considerable energy saving.

The energy savings, led on the choice of a table LED lamp it's equivalent to using a form of energy not too harmful to the environment, mainly because the LED does not use mercury.

• The well-being of all is not the unique advantage, selfishly, the LED is a persoal advantage: in fact with table LED lamps, your savings on utility bills could rich up 80-90%.

Table LED lamps are not only plenty of technical qualities, are also aesthetically refined. In fact you can choose among a wide range of design lamps, from more classic to chic ones, from modern models to trendy ones. 

When talking about furniture, in fact, quality has always to be combined with the aesthetical aspect, because the house reflects ourselves and an environment which is the mirror of our style let us feel better. Living in our own house has always to be a plesaure: it has to be a place where you feel comfortable, feeling calm and safe. We all need to feel a successfull feeling once opened the front door, watching the environment we have furnished and the objects we have chosen to place in it.

Desk LED lamp, for a perfect lighting during the work time

Table LED lamp is not only a lamp to place on a table in the living room. This lamp can also be a bedside table lamp, in order to read while lying on the bed, but also suitable for desks. In fact we should mostly think of this lamp as a desk lamp mainly, because, led to their function are the most important for sure. It is impossible to work on a desk, reading documents, writing on the computer, drawing, as an architect or a designer for example, without the light of a desk lamp.

Among our proposals you can find desk lamps from more traditional style, suitable for the home office, to more modern and trendy models, but also desk LED lamps suitable for the office, with an adjustable arm, in order to adjust it according to the need.

Choose a design table LED lamp. Like already seen, table LED lamps have different uses. Whether for read, for work on a desk or to create a soft and romantic light, table LED lamps are also a decorative item not to overlook. These lamps can give a glamour touch to your home.

Infabbrica proposes you different table LED lamps: from the classic ones, with a glamour touch to the professional lamps, suitable for the office, to those characterized by a more innovative design: nice, allusive, particular and unique, with an ethnic style, made with "new" materials, like as the metal and the plastic materials.

The most important matter is that the lamps have to be suitable combined with the rest of the furniture of the room where them will be placed in, linked by the same style, or, in some environments, be characterized by a totally different style, in order to give some fresh air to the room.

Table LED lamps and Infabbrica

Table LED lamps, therefore, are one of the items that you should have at home, both for an esthetical matter and for a pratical and functional matter, useful for example while reading or working. If you are furnishing your house, in your lighting plan, besides wall and outdoor lamps, do not omit the table lamp, among which we suggest you particularly, the LED ones that have an important point of strenght: a considerable saving, both in energy and in the bill.

Furthermore, table lamps, help creating a pleasant atmosphere, familiar, soft. Mostly if you are used to relax while watching television, it is not necessary to illumine the room with a strong light, just turning on your table LED lamp to create a soft lighting.

Infabbrica offers you a selection of table LED lamps, among which you can find the model that suits better to your house. Our expert operators are here to answer to all your questions, in order to solve any doubts. Call us at 0721580999 or write us at