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    Nikky e Beatrice metal pendant lamp series  Series of lamps with metal shade with different shapes,...

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    TopHat Circular hanging lamp  Round lamp with polycarbonate shade, its shape resembles a hat. Ideal to...

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    WORLD SP3 Metal and glass hanging lamp Metal hanging lamp with diffuser in transparent blown glass,...

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    TNT hanging metal lamp  Frame composed of metal hydraulic fittings with cast iron finish. Concrete...

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    ORANGERIE SP1 Metal Hanging Lamp  Hanging lamp with burnished finished metal frame and diffuser made...

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    Deca metal hanging lamp  Metal frame with antique brass finish. Diffuser made of transparent glass...

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    Metro metal Hanging lamp  Metal body and diffuser. Enameled white inside. Electrical cable adjustable...

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    MADAME SP1 Metal hanging lamp Matt varnished metal ceiling cup. Power cable coated with fabric. Metal...

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    DISCOVERY SP1 Glass pendant lamp  Suspension lamp with chrome metal frame with diffuser intransparent...

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    Frida hanging metal lamp  Metal ceiling cup and bulb socket cover with various finishes. Power cable...

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    ASTRID SP3 Hanging lamp Hanging Lamp with metal frame with brass or matt black paint finish.Stranded...

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    Anfora glass pendant lamp and iron cage  Pendant lamp with metal shaped by hand and black enamel, and...

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    RUBBER 6238 Hanging lamp Hanging lamp with rubber socket cover, available in different colours, and...

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    SMOKE 6456 glass haniging lamp  Polished chrome and smoked glass hanging lamp.Lamp, ideal for modern...

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    SPHERE 6466 Glass hanging lamp  Hanging lamps in polished chrome with transparent glass, available in...

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    CHESTNUT 6458 glass hanging lamp  Polished chrome and clear glass hanging lamp, available in two...

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    BASCO 6064 Metal hanging lamp  Painted grey or white metal hanging lamp.Modern style lamp, ideal for...

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    DOMINO Hanging lamp in blown glass  Hanging lamps in blown glass, embellished by the alveolar...

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    FEZ 6067 Metal hanging lamp  Painted grey or white metal hanging lamp.Lamp, ideal for modern indoor...

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    DISCO 6084 LED Metal Hanging Lamp Hanging lamp in white painted metal.Contemporary style lamp, ideal...

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    PIATTO 6440 Hanging lamp in painted metal Painted hanging lamp, available in different shades.Product...

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    RAGGIO hanging metal lamp  Raggio, hanging lamp in white or chrome painted metal with white...

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    ARSENALE 6042 Metal hanging lamp Arsenale, hanging lamp in antiqued black painted metal.Industrial...

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    SPIDER hanging metal lamp  Hanging lamp in black painted metal with brushed chrome finish, with...

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Suspended lamps are fundamental items in order to furnish and add value to your environments, different models are available, according to the dimensions and the style. Suspended lamps are also functional items, able to creaate romantic and comfortable atmosphere thanks to its shape and the light which produce.

The right choice of a suspended lamp is important also to improve the style of your house, you can choose among different types. 

Infabbrica proposes you a selection of suspended lamps, design and moderns ones, with which you could satisfy the need of furnishing your house with style.

How to choose your suspended lamp!

The light is able to change your house aspect, a brighter environment shows itself as it was more spacious than what really is, giving importance to the furniture of the room. A well-lit apartment is more pleasant and liveable, so, is important to keep the suspended lamps cleaned from the dust.

When choosing a suspended lamp is important to keep in mind also the furnishing style of your environment. Is preferable to use different shapes and lights, according to the room in which the lamp will be installed. For example, on a bedroom with a wrought iron bed, modern suspended lamps will fit perfectly. On a living room indeed, a design suspend lamp is the ideal one.

On the house lighting the fact that every environment needs its own light is not to forget. For bathroom and kitchen a strong and clear light is advisable, while for bedroom a warm and soft light is preferable, the one of the suspended lamp.

A beam of light projected from above which widens downwards, has to create a comfortable environment with a soft light, suitable for bedrooms or kitchens, to be placed on a dining table, places where a comfortable atmosphere is needed. 
The best way to create that kind of environments is to install suspended lamps, paying attention on the type of bulb. When purchasing suspended lamps for illumine your house it is important to consider the right light for each room, in order to be suitable for every activity that will be done on these environments.

Add style to your house with design suspended lamps!

When choosing suspended lamps to illumine their own house, their functionality is one of the main feature, but it is not to overlook also the aesthetic aspect in order to add value and make unique the furniture of your house with an item by the decorative style. 
On Infabbrica catalog you can find the suspended chandeliers that more suits your tastes: Infabbrica proposes you a wide range of models, among design suspended lamps and modern suspended chandeliers, more particular and innovative.

While for classic ones the more common material is the glass, for modern suspended lamps is the metal. Also the fusion of metal and glass from the strange shapes makes these design chandeliers trend items.

Modern suspended chandeliers, for a timeless lighting

On a dining table the right lighting is indispensable in order to have a pleasant meal or spend some time with the family members. Modern suspended lamps are perfect also to illumine living room tables, where a lamp placed on it will be bulky.

Whatever kind of environment is, kitchen, living room or bed room, on Infabbrica you will certainly find design suspended lamps suitable for you.

In addition to the design, in a suspended lamp the dimensins have to be checked: for spacious environments, suitable are great chandeliers with big diffusor, while for a kitchen or a living room, ideal would be suspended chandeliers with more light points.

The right maintenance of your suspended chandeliers

Suspended lamps need a specific maintenance, mostly if made of glass. In order to make them shine perfectly keep them clean from the dust which inevitably forms on them. For a perfect cleaning, a damp cloth or a more common one is needed, your chandelier will shine like never before!

For a correct use of your suspended chandelier, you need to choose the bulb which better suits your needs of light types, choosing among warm, natural and cold light. For your suspended lamp, Infabbrica suggests energy savings light bulbs or led which over a longer duration, consume less and make us save money on bills.

If you need help while purchasing, call us at 0721580999 or write us at Choose Infabbrica, choose a lighting based on the style!