Electric bicycle Cruiser E-BIKE



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E-BIKE electric bicycle Cruiser with pedal assistance 

Frame in Cruiser Alu
Fork Hi ten Oval-Tig
Controls Shimano RS 35
Gear Shimano TX 55
Brakes V-Brake Alu Polish
Covers City 26X2,125 Brown
Seat Cruiser Brown Folding
Size H47
Weight 27,5 Kg
Engine 250 Watt Brush Less
Battery LI-ON 36V - 10AH Removible
Power set 36V-220W Cooling vents
Pedal assistance MAX 240M/H - Power Modulation 3 Levels 

Available colour: Opaque black

Manufactured abroad, 
by Italian Company


Bicycles are supplied with some details to control, such as: settle handlebars and seat, verify brakes, screw pedals and be sure that gear shift works properly and it hasn’t had damages during the delivery.

These checks and adjustments guarantee the best efficiency and safety of the product.

Bicycles should always be checked before being used.

For these reasons, clients have the responsibility of the correct operation and safety of the product.


1) Charge the battery only when the charge is inferior of 50%.                     2) Avoid leaving the bicycle stopped for too long time, because the more the battery is used, the more it keeps on being efficient.
3) When you do not use the bicycle for long time, remember to charge it at least each 3 months.

4) Follow the instruction manual, provided by the manufacturer.

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Electric bicycle Cruiser E-BIKE

Electric bicycle Cruiser E-BIKE

E-BIKE electric bicycle Cruiser with pedal assistance  Frame in Cruiser AluFork Hi ten Oval-TigControls Shimano RS 35Gear Shimano TX 55Brakes V-Brake Alu PolishCovers City 26X2,125 BrownSeat...

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