Round countertop washbasin Scutum

Scutum: Betacryl Solid Surface countertop washbasin

Countertop washbasin, round washbasin countertop, washbasin countertop, ideal as bathroom countertop washbasin or counter design washbasin.
Round countertop washbasin made of acrylic stone (an equivalent material of Corian, with a consistency similar to the natural stone).

It’s the perfect item for those who want to create a custom designed sink, to be combined with a glass, stone or wooden top.

Top not included.
Closer drain not included.
Sinks not included.

External Ø: 413 mm –internal Ø: 379 mm
External rim height: 110 mm
Internal rim height: 95 mm
Weight: 7 kg

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Countertop washbasin in Betacryl Solid Surface Scutum

Set-up Times 30 Days
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Set-up Times 30 Days
  • BB R 379
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BETACRYL® Pure Acrylic Stone offers an excellent resistance to chemicals and mechanical stress in several applications, both domestic and professional. In any case, as for other materials, regular care, cleaning and periodic maintenance of the surface are required.

Only few simple steps and your countertop BETACRYL® will remain in perfect condition as the first day of use.

BETACRYL® and stains.
BETACRYL® is a non-porous material and therefore does not absorb any liquid that may come in contact with: the stain may be only superficial.

In case of easy stains, treat the surface with a cloth, water and normal household detergent.

In the case of stubborn stains, treat the surface with a scouring pad as a Scotchbrite and an abrasive cream cleanser, making a circular motion.

To remove limestone build-ups, use a scouring pad together with vinegar or anti-limestone products.

Stains caused by cigarette could be removed with a cloth and mild abrasive cream cleanser.

It ‘a good idea, once a week, to fill the sinks bowls with hot water and 1-2 teaspoons of liquid bleach. Leave for a few hours and then rinse and dry.

- Do not use fat or wax base detergents in order to avoid formation of a patina on the surface.

- Avoid contact with caustic chemicals, solvents, solutions of methyl chloride, acetone and liquid products for ovens and hobs cleaning. Just in case it occurs, quickly rinse the surface with soap and water and dry it with a soft cloth.

BETACRYL® and high temperatures.
BETACRYL® resists to high temperatures better than other coating materials, however, to place hot pots directly on the surface may slightly damage it. Therefore, we recommend to always use a trivet.

If you need to pour boiling liquids directly into the sink bowls, do open cold-water tap. Furthermore, mind to use appropriate size pots on hob burners and place them always at the centre. Should the pot come out of the hob, the surrounding surface may lose his glossy aspect.

Treat the damaged area with a scouring pad as a Scotchbrite and a mild abrasive cream and polish it with circular motion until the surface resume its brilliance. BETACRYL® is non-porous and homogeneous throughout its thickness.

BETACRYL® shocks and scratches.
BETACRYL® has an excellent resistance to common mechanical stresses. However, we suggest to avoid to use your countertop as a chopping board, slightly damages could occur.

For any superficial scratches, treat the surface as in the case of stains. In the case of very deep ruts, as well as in case of cracks, contact your dealer, it will activate to fully restore your BETACRYL® countertop.

The best feature of BETACRYL® is to be always repairable.

  • Pack 1 size - 50x50 H20 cm

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