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Riding a bike is an amusing and helathy habit, moreover it permits us to reach faster and easily other places. In recent years vintage bicycles came back in fashion and if you want ride with style vintage bicycle old style are right what you need. These means of transport evoke past atmospheres and transmit us a pleasing feeling of melancholy.
Vintage bicycles are a real "must have" during summer, it is impossible not to have one!

Do you want to rediscover the pleasure to go biking? But if you don't want an old model, you can choose new vintage bicycles which mix practicality, resistance of modern technologies and the charming look of the best vintage bicycles old style.
Furthermore you can choose even vintage city bicycles and mountain bike according to your own personal needs.

Past and present: new vintage bicycles

Why having vintage bicycles, we are forced to renounce to the resistance and lightness that would have offered modern materials?
The solution is simple: buy new vintage bicycles. In this way your vintage bicycle old style will have all possible advantages.
With the modern model you can benefit from a more ergonomic seat, more lightness and responsiveness.

When we buy a bicycle we should choose the right size of the frame according to our stature, in particular the height of the crotch, that is the space between pubis and heel. In bicycles for women even the seat should be larger, expecially in the back in order to give a more comfortable seat. Now that you have clearer ideas what are you waiting for to buy the new vintage bicycles?