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Office desks: You should select your office desk wisely because with it you will spend 8 hours a day, in front of your computer screen or meeting your customers. On the desk, there will be all your documents, your notes and the contracts you’ll need in your working life. Choosing the furniture for your office is just as important as choosing the furniture for your house, because cosy and aesthetically pleasant surroundings exert an influence on our mood and on our productivity. The desk, together with the chair, is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture of every office, that’s why it’s the item that has to be chosen first. At a later stage, around the desk and the chair, you choose all the minor equipment and the accessories.

Office desks are elegant and practical both in solid wood and in curved glass 

In the catalogue of Infabbrica, you will find a wide range of office desks you can buy online, cosily from your home. Infabbrica will care about your order and will follow you in your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us at +39.0721.580999 or send us an email at 

The perfect office chair: beauty and practicality

Creating the perfect working atmosphere helps to improve our performances: the right office desk favours our concentration and encourage our productivityThat’s why Infabbrica selected for you the best design office desks, since aesthetically pleasant surroundings make you feel better, and a good mood is fundamental for the success of the working day. One of the essential requirements of a desk is functionality: a good desk should be practical and comfortable. If you pause and reflect on the amount of time you spend working, you will understand that you spend most of your day in office. For this reason, it’s very important to create a little cosy working habitat, not just for the customers you meet, but above all for you. Your office should mirror your personality. It’s kind of a business card: tells something about you as a person and as a professional, contributing to create your professional image. 

Infabbrica office desks: quality and design

Infabbrica gives you a wide catalogue of design office desks, personally selected by our experts to offer you quality and design. Office desks are elegant and practical both in solid wood and in curved glass. Wooden office desks are evergreen classics: with their naturalness, they are elegant and sophisticated, suitable for every kind of furniture style. Wood is a beautiful and reassuring material that recall the tradition. Office desks in curved glass, instead, make the surroundings look more spacious. Their visual lightness is mainly due to the transparency of the glass, but also to the elegance of the shapes given by expert glassmakers.  

Modern or classical office desks? Choose your style!

Both wooden and curved glass office desks easily adapt to every furniture style, classical or modern. In fact, wood and glass are materials that give a touch of style to your office. Among the available models, you can find modern or classical office desks, to meet all your needs. Clear and simple lines characterize classical office desks, and simplicity is always synonymous with elegance. Modern office desks, instead, are characterized by a more contemporary design, with linear and geometrical shapes. The countertop is usually made of glass, with a wooden or steel structure. Modern office desks you can find in the catalogue of Infabbrica are chic and rich in style, as well as practical and functional.

Executive or operative office desks: the differences

Choosing the right office desk is important not only for the managers, but also for the employees. In fact, according to a study carried out on various European offices by IPSOS Public Affairs, the most annoying issue employees complain about is the lack of a comfortable workstation: an uncomfortable office desk or a non-ergonomic chair provoke eyestrain, backaches, neck pains and headaches.   That’s why is important to pay attention while selecting the chairs and the desks of your employees: our workstation have to be considered as a fellow student or a colleague and its ergonomics is fundamental to favour our concentration and our productivity, as well as our well-being at work. Therefore, it’s essential for the operative office desks, those intended for the employees, to be spacious and comfortable. However, there are some differences between an executive and an operative office desk. The executive ones are more elegant since they contribute to the company image, but they also have to meet the needs of ergonomics and wellness.   

Need some advice? Infabbrica is here for you!

Our expert are happy to help you with everything you may need, following you step by step in your purchase, giving you information about the practicality of the office desk you would like to buy, or answering to your questions. Please, contact us at +39.0721.580999 or send us an email at info@infabbrica.comIn the meantime, we can assure you that we carefully selected all the products that meet our requirements of design, quality and functionality at the best price. Infabbrica brings the product from the factory directly to your house. All our office desks are made by Italian firms. Whatever office desk you choose, one thing is certain: you make the right choice!

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Plexiglass Sneeze Guard for desk Sneeze guard for desk, plexiglass space divider for offices and public places, ideal for counters, desks, cashier cash desks with a slot allowing the passage of computer cable and the exchange of cash. The transparent panel is equipped with 2 supports placed at...

109,00 €

Plexiglass divider Plexiglass protection barrier, sneeze guard for offices and public places, ideal for counters, desks, cashier cash desks with a slot allowing the passage of computer cable and the exchange of cash. The transparent panel is equipped with 2 supports placed at the base, to...

149,00 €

Plexiglass Sneeze Guard Plexiglass protective panel, ideal for public places, bars or restaurants, or to be placed on receptions, cash desks or public offices’ desk. Equipped with a slot to allow the exchange of cash, banknotes, credit cards or cables for computers and terminals. The thermoformed...

169,00 €
Out of stock -25%

Compact crystal desk for computer Computer desk with pullout keyboard rack, structure in aluminium and shelves in tempered glass - 8 mm Size: L 60  W 50  H 115 cmSize of the shelf: L 60 W 19,5 cmDistance between the desk surface and the shelf: 43 cm   Made abroad by Italian companies

229,00 € 305,33 €
Reduced price!
  • More colors available

Giotto, table stands  Pair of solid beech wood bases, which allow you to create an elegant or fun table. The height of the top is adjustable.The glass top is not supplied. Ideal as a desk in the children's room or in the studio, or as atable in the kitchen or in the living room.  Material: solid...

239,00 € 341,43 €
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Console curved glass console Curved glass console, high quality design for your living room, hallway and office. Available sizes:L 88 W 44 H 71,  thickness: 12 mmL 120 W 44 H 71,  thickness: 12 mm Made in Italy This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance of materials and...

299,00 € 498,33 €
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Tao bases in curved glass for crystal table  Bases in transparent curved glass 12 mm. (ONLY BASES, SURFACE NOT INCLUDED).THE PRICE IS REFERRED TO THE BASES COUPLE Size of the bases: L 54 R 27 H 71 cm  thickness 12 mmThe recommanded surface is L 180 W 90 or L 200 W 100 The product is sent on a...

309,00 € 515,00 €
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  • More colors available

PLANA, closable desk for PC Closable wall table/desk, one can open or close it with a simple action.Closed is 2,5 cm deep, it’s too thin, opened is 90x50 cm.The shelf is made of painted steel 4 mm deep, it’s light, thin and solid. Style: minimal and functional, designed with intelligence it’s...

319,00 € 425,33 €
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Libro Bases in curved glass for crystal table Curved glass bases in book form for table – V-shaped base pair in curved transparent glass. Ideal for tables, desks or consoles.(ONLY BASES, SURFACE NOT INCLUDED).THE PRICE IS REFERRED TO THE BASES COUPLE Bases sizes:  L 45 P 63 H 71 cm thickness 12...

359,00 € 598,33 €
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Clear crystal desk crystal desk for computer, keyboard rack. Aluminium structure and tempered crystal shelves 10 mm. Size: L 75  W 55  H 74 cmHeight from floor to keyboard holder: 63 cm Made in Italy  

379,00 € 473,75 €
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Siddartha curved glass base for glass table  S-shape base in transparent curved glass 12 mm. (ONLY BASE, TOP EXCLUDED).  Base size:L 106 W 38 H 72 thickness 12 mm (transparent)Recommended top L 180 W 90 cm or L 200 W 100 The SIDDARTHA base has the same size of the NIRVANA small table, apart from...

409,00 € 681,66 €
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Ypsilon modern desk with drawer Desk with top and drawer in eco-friendly soft-touch laminate, legs in laquered steel with sablé finish. Size:cm.102x55x75h Color combination 1With legs - Matt WhiteStructure and Sides - Matt white or Walnut Color combination 2With legs - Dove grayStructure and...

429,00 € 550,00 €
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