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    Twist extendible table in melamine Extendible design table with braided base in varnisched or...

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    Twist extendible wood table Extendible design table with braided base in varnisched or lacquered...

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    Wooden Square Table Tree Ø70/80  The Tree table is supported by a frame made up of four legs, each one...

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    Wooden Round Table Tree Ø70/80  The Tree table is supported by a frame made up of four legs, each one...

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    Fly Wooden FoldingTable Table with beechwood base and oval closable top in melamine.The table has two...

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    Anni 60 S Wooden Folding table Foldable table entirely made of beech. Square plane.A table with...

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    PX Wooden table Table entirely made of beech. Rectangular plane. A table with multiple uses to furnish...

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    Enea S foldable wooden table Foldable solid beech with slatted top. It is a simple and elegant product...

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    Osaka Legno extendible table with top in wood and base in metal Osaka is an extendible table with top...

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    Skin wood table in various colours Extending table with melamine structure and metal telescopic guide,...

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    Draft table in metal and wood Extending table with lacquered metal legs, top and extensions in in...

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    Slide extending table in wood Extending table with lacquered metal legs, top and extensions in...

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    Remedy extending table in metal and wood   Extending table with legs in lacquered metal, top and...

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    Fly metal laquered table Extending table with lacquered metal structure and central leg in oak. Top...

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    Tulip Saarinen extendible table diameter 120 Extendible round table with round base in cast polished...

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    Tulip Saarinen extendible table diameter 100 Extendible round table with round base in cast polished...

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    Noguchi round Table Table with chromed steel rod frame.Base in black cast iron.Plywood top covered...

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    Extendible table in melamine Post Spot extendible table in rustic white melamine or rustic natural...

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    Hornet extending table with coloured structure Queen extending table with legs in solid ash wood...

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    Table in wood and metal Iron Fixed table with base in rough varnished transparent metal, and veneered...

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    Glass and wood table Breath Set table with base in transparent glass 19 mm thick, and flat in oak in...

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    BROOKLIN convertible table in wood with metal base Convertible table/small table with...

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    MIKADO LEGNO table in wood with metal base Table with top in natural oak, with brushed debarked side...

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    Table with glass top and wooden legs Table with MDF base and tempered glass top available in two...

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The excellence of the wood. Justy saying: “wooden dining table” gives a great sense of refinement and an absolute sense of comfort of the environment. 

Many people particularly appreciate wood. Perhaps because, as well as being an environmentally friendly material, is considered as an emotional extension of the nature. The journey, maybe, to the land of dreams.  

Making questions about the purpose, about the importace of the furniture: how to explore and describe the world starting from a wood dining table? It can be extendable, not only in the space, but also in the time, because the whole house is a viable organism, made of dreams, needs, habits, new and repeated gestures.

Wooden dining table: welcome to your house!

Wood dining table: just thinking of a warm reception, an embrace, at the pleasing taste of a great refinement of the wood table, give us welfare and make us dream a bit confused. Instead what is necessary is start feeling the table the way it is, sitting on it, respecting it. The real aim is to figure out its soul: a wood dining table is a pure, loyal and direct item. It helps creating a refined and pleasing environment.

Whether it is a domestic scene based on informal lunches or dinners or a festive scenario with elegant cocktails, wherever it is placed and for any event, it will always be the core of the environment. For fast breakfasts or elegant dinners, perfect in every details or lunches to be lived like an habit during the year, the table, if made of wood, it is “perceivable”, properly as the color of the surrounding environment, which is able to become the ideal extension of it.

Furthermore there is the design, which is important: beginning with the natural and ergonomic criteria, which are placed inside the choice of the wood dining table. 

Wood, a special material

Wood is a safe material, the most ductile and natural one: in this way soft lines, wavy and maybe even sinuous come to life, but also more geometric and classic ones. Dining wood tables of any size and type, starting with the smaller and simpler one to the most spectacular one, all adaptable and able to be placed in every environment, in order to live with style.  

Decorative ideas, elegants, casual-chic, for every taste. Behind all our choices there is the philosophy of our brand, which is always ready to adapt every single transformation of the way of living. 

Furthermore, it is not to forget the level of quality and vanguard of our tecnical and craft items, which apparently may seem as detached and numerical. Realizzazioni sempre sicure, e proposte tutte progettate secondo i criteri più avanzati e performanti: tutto questo si trova nella nostra ampia gamma di tavoli da pranzo in legno.

Why choose a wood dining table?

Who better than us knows the features of a wood dining table? High comfort, obviously, but also the apparent softness in order to facilitate the reception, to let the host feels good. The maenuverability, the maintenance functionality. Comfort and duration against usury, the damage caused by the time.

At the base of our brand there are values like precision, resistance, passion. Values that combined with experience, respect for the environment, and cutting-edge technology are linket to the carefully crafted processingand the quality of the materals. To those who demand the best possible. 

Realizations in high quality wood essence, like as ash, oak, larch, beech, all the most precious essence of the world. Available also natural or lacquered woods, open pore etc...  

The perfect environment for the social life then, is around that table. Always on that table, people get together and have lunches or dinners. Whether it is the living room or the dining room the table will always be the core of the environment, where communicate. Around this table the pleasure of being together is expressed. 

Choose Infabbrica for the purchase of your wood dining table 

Infabbrica main aim is the quality of  the products and the customers care. The satisfaction of the purchaser is one of our main point of strenght, an achievement for every single sale. From years we are at your disposal  in order to solve all your dilemmas and to satisfy your needs.

Call our expert operators who will help you in every single step of the purchase, from the choice till the payment methods.

Our phone numbers are available on our web side, together with our e-mail address, where you can write any single doubt.

Do non hesitate taking advantages of our suggests, we are here for you.