Stools: design represent maybe more than any other piece of furniture the evolution and the change in the indoor furniture field. The stool was designed in the 30’s and since then, things have changed a lot. The stool initially had 3 legs and it was extremely simple et functional, prerogatives besides essential for its own nature. As time goes by and exigencies too, the stool has reached a relevance more and more important and a design which is constantly improving. Today there is a consistent variety of stools, which can renew your home and make it trendy. Sipping a cocktail with friends, chatting with a little chip and dip, studying for an important exam, meeting with your family around the dining table… why not in a comfortable and intelligent stool design? Actually, we offer a huge range of stools which can satisfy each necessity and even more each particular preference; several types, colours and shapes. Each room of your home can host this particular object thanks to its own adaptability.

The kitchen stools: practical and trendy

The kitchen stools: practical and trendy: We can decide to use a stool in our kitchen, for example, to get an efficient result, from both in terms of practical and visual impact. We could choice colours and shapes from our stools for kitchen, which reflect to best our personality.

In this way, we can safeguard the space and give at the same time a touch of effect to our dining room. In fact, the contemporary habitation tends to become smaller than in the past and for consequence, each environment should be conceptualised and furnished not only by considering our own taste, but also the exigencies of a space, which loses more and more size.

The stool, synonym of functionality and practicality, acquires now more than ever an important relevance. In fact, to furnish our home in the best possible way, we cannot just think to the beauty, but also to the utility and especially the functionality. Thus, kitchen islands could replace our dining tables and high stools instead of traditional chair, giving a touch of chic and glamour to the milieu. Making your kitchen colourful and intriguing is a piece of cake with Nemo, adjustable stool in different colours! Thanks to the sophisticated and modern design and the great range of colours, this “chair” will give to your home a charming aspect and it will be simple to create the right juxtaposition with the rest habitation. Janet, design stool available in three different colours, it has a so classical line; therefore it will adapt itself in a rustic environment, giving it a touch of modernity which is always looked for even in older locations. For those who love modernity, glamour and sophistication, Wave 80 will the right solution; it will be the element, which will make the difference, thanks to his particular coating and his charming aspect. Another kitchen stool in different shades of colours, in modern style, is Frog 65; due to his four legs, it is very stable and resistance. It will be able to “colour” your dining room, making it much cooler. With a right stool in kitchen, we will defend the space in an intelligent way without renouncing the aesthetic and we will offer to our day room that touch of extravagance always looked for.

The great capacity of adaptation of stools: bar stools, stools in wood and for the office     

The great capacity of adaptation of stools: bar stools, stools in wood and for the office: The stool usually reminds to the pubs or bars, having been for a long time the inevitable element in these activities, it found its way to our houses, to offer originality and why not, to create tendency. In fact, the stools are always more present within our habitations, and due to their variety they offer, they can adapt themselves to each style, both casual and sophisticated. Even in our bedroom, we can find space for the stool, maybe enriched with reliefs and designed by considering the context. Who wants to furnish smartly his own home, but without losing the sense of beauty and charm, InFabbrica proposes a broad range of choice, even for a such simple and useful element as the stool. Elegance, modernity, classic or catchy style, these are all the prerogatives fundamental for our firm and for its users. Our home will be definitely innovative with this type of furniture, adapting itself to the changing times and to the new exigencies. Actually, this piece of furniture assumes a large number of faces, becoming the wishing object for both children and adults. For our offices, Fase will be a real great element of enrichment, adjustable stool with backrest, in faux leather, available likewise in several shades of colours; it will make the environment elegant and chic, perfect suitable for the office thanks to his classic line and to the coating in faux leather, beautiful, elegant and ecologic.

Among the stools in wood, Col presents a line really unique and original. The curved seat of this stool design is not only comfortable, but particular too; it will offer personality and style to your interior with naturally simplicity. With the cone-shaped Cin Cin, which can remind to the mythic barstools, our kitchen will assume an original aspect surely. The geometry of his shape is an element of great charm and the possibility to choice between several colours, here again, will allow us to find out the perfect one for our home. However, these are just a few of examples of stools that InFabbrica proposes you, but visiting the dedicated section, you could go a little crazy nosing around our site: adjustable stool, in metal, in faux leather, in wood, for the kitchem… are you ready to choice the perfect stool for you and for your home?

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Karl adjustable Stool in leatherette Liftable stool, seat padded with leatherette.Available Colors:GreyWhiteRedSIZE:L.38,5 W.38,5 H.64/84 Minimum package 2 pieces.Price refers to a single piece. 

59,00 €

Gim 80 Polypropylen stool  Legs in anodized aluminium Ø mm 25. Seat and footrest in polypropylen. 5 colors available, screws in inox steel. indoor/outdoor use.SIZE:L.41 W.41 H.80Box Packaging N.4 ProductsThe price is referred to one single product. Particularly suitable and recommended for...

73,00 € 95,00 €
Reduced price!

Stool in painted metal Stool in painted metal. This stool differentiates itself for its resistance and its style. The material with this stool is combined gives it solidity and makes it be influential in surrounding environemnt.Available colours:CappuccinoSilverEspresso Size:L.44 W.33 H.64/95...

89,00 € 139,00 €
Reduced price!

Diablito 65 Polypropylen stool  Stool with chromed steel structure, seat in polypropylen. Various colors available. Indoor use.SIZE:L.40 W.47 H.82 Minimum order N.4 products or multiple of 2The price is referred to one single product. Particularly suitable and recommended for contract furnishing...

93,00 € 129,00 €
Reduced price!

Diablito 80 stool in polyprolypene stool chrome steel,  polypropylene seat. Available in different colours.For indoor use.SIZE:L.42 P.50 W.97 Minimum order N.4 products or multiple of 2The price is referred to one single product. Particularly suitable and recommended for contract furnishing of...

95,00 € 129,00 €
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Divo 65 Polypropylen stool  Stool with structure in anodized aluminium, square section mm. 25x25. Seat in  polypropylen. Pilable, various colors available. Indoor/outdoor use.SIZE:L.50 W.44 H.88 H (seat) 65 cm Minimum order N.4 products or multiple of 4The price is referred to one single...

97,00 € 129,00 €
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Scaletta, Folding Stool Stool also usable as a wooden staircase, thanks to 2 swivel steps can be used as a solid staircase. The top floor is anti-slip. Ideal as a furnishing complement in the kitchen, living room or studio Dimensions: Closed 26x40x60h cm Opened 46,5x40x60h cm Colours: Natural...

99,00 € 141,43 €
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Divo 75 Polypropylen stool  Stool with structure in anodized aluminium, square section mm. 25x25. Seat in  polypropylen, reinforced witrh glass fiber. Pilable, various colors available. Indoor/outdoor use.SIZE:L.50 W.46 H.98 H. (seat) 75 cm Minimum order N.4 products or multiple of 4The price is...

99,00 € 129,00 €
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Kolby eco-leather stool - Stool with chromed base and eco-leather coated seat, available in different colors. Adjustable height from 80 to 96 cm. Available colors: white, black, red Size: 53 x 48 x 80/96H Minimum Order 2 productsPrice is referred to one single product

99,00 €

Janet - US Navy Stool in polypropylene Stool in polypropylene, 3 available colors:GrayWhiteRedSIZE:L.41,5 W.50 H.94,5 (H. chair seat 60 cm) Minimum Order N°2 products or multiples.The price is referred to one single product.

119,00 €

Wooden Low Round Stool  The Stool can be used to create different compositions, also playing with different and finishes, or finding single uses in an infinity of spaces at home or in contract use, maintaining its elegant identity.Particularly suitable and recommended for furnishing of:...

119,00 €

Uni 378 Stool 4 legs with frame in steel 4 legs frame in chromed or satiny steel. Seat in polypropylene available in 13 colours. Uni is characterized by its padding imitation aspect on the front, and by its bright finish on the back.Adapted for indoor and outdoor. DIMENSIONS:L.51 W.56 H.109 (H....

139,00 €
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