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  • 59.00 79,00 €

    Piper, foldable Chair  Folding chair with Matt lacquered steel frame, seat and back in polypropylene....

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  • 189.00 259,00 €

    Babah S modern design chair Babah S, stockable four legs chair, characterized by the deciration on the...

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  • 459.00 599,00 €

    Tulip Large modern armchair of design Tulip Large is a completely innovative sit characterized by an...

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  • 369.00 489,00 €

    Tulip Small modern chair of design The Tulip Small armchair, in the shape of regular and symmetrical...

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  • 189.00 249,00 €

    Moyo modern chair of design A minimal chair of design, entirely realized in metal.The structure is...

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  • 99.00

    Glow fabric and metal Chair Stackable Chair with metal frame, completely covered in stain repellent...

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  • 169.00

    Dirk metal and fabric chair Chair with metal frame, completely covered in stain repellent fabric and...

    Price  169,00 €
  • 239.00

    Shade design chair with a steel fraim Stackable frame with 4 steel tube legs and seat and backrestin...

    Price  239,00 €
  • 89.00

    Nassau colored plastic chair Monobloc propylene chair with armrests, stamped by injection with air...

    Price  89,00 €
  • 105.00

    Nassau colored plastic barstool Monobloc barstool in polypropylene, stamped by injection with air...

    Price  105,00 €
  • 219.00

    Wooden Round Stool With Adjustable Seat Tommy The Tommy stool, with adjustable height seat and tripod...

    Price  219,00 €
  • 63.00 79,00 €

    Kate plastic chair with armrests Linear chair and understated, with traits determined and defined,...

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  • 57.00 69,00 €

    Kate plastic chair Linear chair and understated, with traits determined and defined, comfortable and...

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  • 109.00 169,00 €

    Upholstered chair in spotted microfiber Crash  Stackable chair with metal structure, completely...

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  • 139.00 199,00 €

    Upholstered chair in spotted microfiber Pence Stackable chair with metal structure, completely...

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  • 129.00

    Song upholstered chair in printed leatherette Chair with metal structure, upholstered seat and back in...

    Price  129,00 €
  • 129.00

    Kent upholstered chair in printed leatherette Stackable chair with metal frame, completely upholstered...

    Price  129,00 €
  • 89.00

    Kids vintage eco-leather upholstered chair Stackable chair with metal structure and inner upholstery,...

    Price  89,00 €
  • 109.00 139,00 €

    Gravity upholstered chair with metal structure Chair with metal structure. Seat and backrest...

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  • 419.00

    Zig Zag design chair Chair in painted solid ash wood. Ideal also as a bedside table.Famous icon of...

    Price  419,00 €
  • 119.00

    Mallet Stevens armchair in lacquered metal - design Stackable chair with armrests with seat and back...

    Price  119,00 €
  • 145.00

    Scandinavia painted chair of wood Scandinavian style chair with structure made of beech hardwood.On...

    Price  145,00 €
  • 125.00

    Bauhaus design Chair Chair with ABS seat and chair legs made of natural painted beech and laquered...

    Price  125,00 €
  • 449.00

    BRNO Seat made of steel and leather - Bauhaus Design Tubular frame made of chrome-plated steel with...

    Price  449,00 €
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Chair is an important part within our houses: in kitchen, living room, but also in balcony or in garden to enjoy relaxing moments with family or simply to rest outside after a long working day. For this reason Infabbrica suggests you models of classic and modern chairs which they are the perfect mix of the best comfort and an accurate design. Comfort and style join together to create comfortable chairs of unique design that will give your house an essential and special mark.

Can you immagine a house without chairs? Your dwelling will of course be empty and bare.
Furthermore you will be deprived of one of the traditional pleasure of the Italian culture, that is sitting down at the table and taste a delicious lunch or dinner with friends.

Classic chairs and modern chairs for every kind of House

In order to best furnish your houses, it is important to choose the right style. If you choose to furnish your living room with original and contemporary colours and materials, you need the modern chairs that Infabbrica has chosen for you in different models.
If the style of your house is classic, retrò or antiques, classic chairs are the best options for you.

Your room won't have a messy and empty look anymore. Thank to the wide range of chairs that we have selected, you could choose the one that better suits your taste. Guests will be enthusiastic to stay long and to have dinner with you, they will be fascinated for sure by the beauty of design chairs and by the comfort they offer.
The chairs we recommend you are a mix of beauty and quality that will permit you to live  during the everyday routine and enjoy pleasing moments with friends or family. Do not hesitate and discover the models right for you by Infabbrica!