Armchair with reclining seatback Bauhaus
Armchair with reclining seatback Bauhaus

Bauhaus armchair with reclining backrest

Armchair with a seatback with changeable backrest angle.
Chromed iron structure.
Seat and backrest in full grains leather or natural pony,
armrests in full grains leather.

L 60 cm – W 64 cm – H 66 cm     P 13 kg
Chromed tube structure Ø 25x2 and Ø14x2

Black leather or White full grains leather.
Black and White natural pony.
Black, White and Brown natural pony.

Upholstery features:
Leather thickness  0,8/1,0 mm
Natural Pony, the picture is only descriptive as the Pony upholstery is natural and so it may vary in its pattern.
For example, a Black and White Natural Pony upholstery may result more black with white spots or more white with black spots. The same goes the for Black, White and Brown Natural Pony upholstery.

Packaging size: 66 x 62 x 67,5 cm

1928 Reboot 

This product is made with extreme attention to details, resistance of materials and quality of finishes, to build up everytime an unique piece of design. The manifacture is realised by expert artisans who, thanks to their proficiency and experience, are the base of high-quality products, made in Italy.

This product is shipped in wood cage packaging.

Particularly suitable and recommended for contract furnishing of offices.

Made in Italy

For this Product, thanks to the Italian and handcrafted production,
we are able to provide you with replacement parts,
in order to guarantee the high quality of the goods full time.
*except manufacturing technical updates

Armchair with reclining seatback Bauhaus

Set-up Times 21 Days
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489,00 € tax incl.

Set-up Times 21 Days
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Charles-Edouard Janneret-Gris “Le Corbusier”
(6 October 1887 – 27 August 1965)

He was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture.
Founder of the “Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture moderne”, he joined architecture with social needs of the avarage man, revealed himself as a great mind of his time.
At 13 years old, he started attending the “Art Décoratifs” school, where he studied the art of enamelling, and ended up under the attention of “L’Eplattenier”, who became his master.
He continues his studies in art and decoration, with the dream of becoming a painter.
His master invited him also to study architecture and helped him to obtain his first assignment in some local projects.
“Le Corbusier” embarked on several journeys  around Central and Southern Europe, that allowed him to learn from the greatest artists such as “Auguste Perret” or “Peter Behrens”.
in 1917 he moved in Paris and started a collaboration with the painter Amédée Ozenfant. It was in this period that the nickname  "Le Corbusier" was invented under suggestion of his mentor Ozenfant, who advised him to inspire to his mothers surname, so he chosed his great-grandfathers name “Le Corbusiers”.
Besides being a great architect, his design work completely changed the perspective on furniture and accessories construction.
He embodied a revolutionary in modernity, with his dreams and bravery he realized some works that could only be fantasies in  common people minds.
He identified himself to the people, focussing every construction and every idea for the avarage man.
Eclectic, innovator and passionate seeker of all kind of art, Le Corbusier  finds his strength in the concept of arts  synesthesia, i.e. in architecture integrations, internal design , furniture design and chromatic harmony.
"Charles Le Corbusier" was  Not only a rivolutionary in the architecture world but also invented  furnitures strongly charcterized by an alternative design, wich full entered in the occidental culture, and are requested to this days. 

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