Blue carpet Bourbon

Bourbon: Blue carpet

Carpet with flowing lines, reminiscent of the motion of the waves of the sea and shiny shades of azure / blue, giving to the interior design space liveliness and elegance at the same time.
The contrasts of colour and the different heights of the carpet enliven the design, accentuating its three-dimensionality.
Bourbon is the perfect carpet to characterize your living room and your bedroom, adding to the environment a fresh and regenerating atmosphere.
Soft but durable, it is perfect for any use.

cm 160x230


40% polypropylene 32% polyester 26% jute 2% cotton
weight kg 2,1/sqm approx.
pile height 10 mm

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These carpets are made of first-quality materials and, before being commercialized, they undergo some checks.
For proper maintenance, some simple measures must be followed:
- During the first weeks the carpet will tend to lose some fibres due to the normal stripping of the fleece, residual of the final shave. For voluminous and long hair carpets this phenomenon will be more pronounced and longer. These residual can be easily removed using a simple vacuum cleaner. The cleaning carpet-sweeper and brushes are not recommended because they might have a too much abrasive action on the carpet.
- Immediately remove the spots with a rag soaked in water and mild soap and then rinse with a sponge soaked in lukewarm water.
- It is recommended for a through wash to go to a professional laundry.
- If a thread protrudes, do not tear it, but cut it with small scissors.
Wear: spread it over the whole surface, changing the direction of the carpet once or twice a year. Put a felt rebar under the legs of the furniture.
Exposure to the sun: prolonged exposure to the sunlight might cause colour fading. In these cases it is suitable to create a barrier to the sunbeams.
Wrinkles: always roll up your carpets when you want to store them, and never fold them.
Colours: the photos on the catalogue can show some differences of shades, even if they are as much as possible similar to the original carpets, both because of the four-colour printing and because of possible variations of dye bath between one lot and the other of the yarns. 
Measures: the measures outlined need to be interpreted as approximate with a tolerance which is common between texile products (+-3%). Each carpet has specific information on the label.

Blue carpet Bourbon

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