Work and cooperate with

Suppliers and Producers

If you produce furniture and design goods and you are looking for a good channel to sell your products direct to final customers without any costs, please send us a cooperation request to , our staff will do an analysis and will contact you in order to define other details.

In order to do a first analysis, we need you to send us:

  • Business name with adress
  • PDF or on-line catalogue
  • Price-list
  • Any other information you think could be useful

In order to be approved, you have to satisfy the following requirements :

  • Be a producer (not shops, wholesalers or sales representatives)
  • High quality photos of products 1024x768 (minimum)
  • Accept orders of small amount too


Salers and Operators

Infabbrica collaborates already in Italy with salers, interior designers, architects and furniture operators: these collaborations are very efficacious for Infabbrica and for its collaborators. If you want to propose you collaboration or to sell our products through your channels, please send use an email to and we will contact you.