Melamine resins

The melamine resins are thermosetting synthetic resins obtained through polycondensation of formaldehyde with melamine. We get a colorless, odorless resin, which is resistant to water, chemical agents, abrasions, heat and with a remarkable transparency to bright radiations, above all to violet-purple. The compound coming from polycondensation is drained, grinded and additived. The obtained powder is printed at 130-170 °C. The crosslinking takes place during the presswork forming an infusible polymer. Melamine resins are used to manufacture plastic laminates (such ant and arborite), kitchen furniture. A special type of melamine resin is the foam of melamine-formaldehyde, used most of all as insulating and soundproof material. There are finished melamine resins which simulate the wood skin openings creating prominent roughness or in reverse smooth laminates suitable for varnishing.