This cookie Policy of Infabbrica explains the various types of cookies and tracking technologies that could be used during your visit on our website. Using or accessing the website, you agree with our use of cookies and tracking technologies explained below. If you have questions or want more information regarding this Policy, please contact us.

What is a “Cookie” and what is it for?
A “cookie” is a small file (often a text file) that is saved on your computer or device when you visit some websites. Cookies are today a standard functionality for many of the major browsers and are used to make websites work in a more efficient way, to improve the service provided, and to give information to the website owners aswell.

Which cookies are used by INFABBRICA s.n.c ?
Like many websites nowadays, Infabbrica uses several types of cookies in order to work correctly.
Infabbrica and its service suppliers could save on your browser a few types of cookies, listed below.

  • Navigation cookies
    These cookies allow the website to work correctly and are used to collect information regarding the way the visitors are using the website. This information is used to fill a report and help us improve the website. Cookies collect information anonymously, like the number of visitors on the website, how they found it and the pages they visited.
  • Third-party cookies These are cookies used by a third party company. The use of these cookies doesn’t imply the treatment of private data. Third-party cookies come from other websites, from an advertisement for instance present on the website displayed. They can be used to record the use of a website for marketing purpose.

How can I manage these cookies?
It is possible to control and manage the website’s cookies whenever you want using the parameters of your browser. The information regarding the procedure to follow to enable or disable cookies can be found on the browsers websites (to which you can access using the browser’s guide).
Attention: deactivating cookies, several functionalities of the website could not work properly.