About us

Infabbrica.com is an online furniture store, which is characterised by its geographical proximity to the productive district of furniture in Pesaro.

The idea is simple: connecting the consumer to the enterprises that produce, eliminating all the operating costs of a traditional shop, the right solution for anyone who doesn’t want to renounce the high quality. Infabbrica offers a range of products so wide that the buyer is the master of his choices, by giving him the possibility to find everything he needs autonomously.

Infabbrica.com was born in 2010 at a time when the two partners, Giuseppe and Lorenzo, realized the relation between the importance and potential of internet and a project that would have had the conditions to go beyond the limits of the physical space. The principal aim is to make the consumer the master of his choices, due to the large range of proposals that Infabbrica.com offers and proposes daily. In a sector such as the furniture one, the importance of the taste and of the detail is central, and that’s why Infabbrica.com researches carefully the best items.

Choose INFABBRICA to furnish your home, your office or your garden; you’d need just a click and you could immerse yourself in the world of the high quality and modern, refined design of furniture. It’s going to be simple to find the products of your dreams thanks to the large selection of items that Infabbica proposes, always able to satisfy tastes and exigencies of its customers.