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Two door closets: functionality and beauty

Two door wardrobes are perfect to keep your room tidy and are the best place to organize your clothes. A classic closet will be able to furnish your home in a natural and harmonic way, matching the rest of your home furniture. If you choose a practical and lovely two door wardrobe to keep your clothes in a practical and functional way, your bedroom will look flawless.

Ecos is a two door wardrobe with drawers that has the ability to match every home décor with style and simplicity; Ecos, a classic and linear wardrobe, easy to assemble, is the optimal solution for any bedroom, both for adults and kids. Available in two different colours, white and walnut, it will be the right two door closet for your home! If you want to give your home a modern touch, for example by mixing modern and classic-style furniture, the white two door wardrobe will be the best solution.

However, if you desire to give your home a classic look, the walnut closet will be the most suitable solution. Ecos is also available with drawer, which is even more practical and convenient. This two door closet with drawers, available in the same colours, will help you to do one of the most difficult things… keeping your home always neat! Two door wardrobes with drawer are an optimal solution for anyone who wants to decorate their home with style, without forgetting functionality, an essential element that every closet should feature. Classic, practical and lovely closets to keep your home tidy and to keep all your clothes!                  


Three door closets… even more space for your clothes!

A bedroom closet will have to guarantee resistance and practicality, essential characteristics for a piece of furniture like the wardrobe. You know… women naturally do love clothing and want to feel more confident with their way of dressing.

A three door wardrobe will be able to “cuddle” all your clothes and will make your bedroom neater. Ecos, avalaible with three doors too, is the dream of every woman; spacious and easy to assemble, this three door closet is a solution that will satisfy any exigency and taste. Equipped with two drawers as well, it will keep all your things… reducing the risk of having an untidy room. Moreover, Ecos, three door wardrobe with two drawers, will make you save space, which is getting more and more limited in modern homes! Available in walnut and white, Ecos, three door closet, will be the optimal helper for you and… for your favourite clothes!

Choose the most suitable classic closet for you, two door closets, three door closets… for a tidy and beautiful home as well!