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Bed bases: for a good night’s sleep…

Mental and body health starts with a good quality sleep, which should always be supported by comfortable slats, specifically designed to guarantee a right body posture while sleeping. It is known that people who sleep well, in a correct and favourable way for the body and spinal column, are able to face every day and every engagement with more positivity, cheerfulness and vivacity. Wooden slats to guarantee the right body posture; bed slats will have to satisfy any type of exigencies, both personal and practical ones. Since we all sleep in different ways, everyone has diverse needs and preferences when it comes to choose their own bed base. Comfortable and “health-friendly” bed bases among those offered by Infabbrica! Choose the most suitable wooden bed bases for your exigencies!     

Wooden bed bases: all the comfort of simplicity

Wooden bed bases are optimal supports for your body and they will guarantee a refreshing, comfortable good night’s sleep! Slatted bed bases, as well as mattresses, are essential for a 360-degree rest. Bed bases with wooden slats are really comfortable and important bases. High-quality slats and bed bases able to accompany your night’s sleep in the right way! Comfortable slatted bed bases always ready to give you a sweet relaxation; simply comfortable and health-friendly, the bed base Base 1 is the ideal solution! Base 1 bed bases are composed of a frame in solid metal, capable of supporting heavy loads with its 13 wooden slats.
Omega is an extremely comfortable wooden bed base! Characterized by a simple structure, the line Omega offers all the comfort and the naturalness of wood. Its slats, made of 68 mm multi-layer beech, are inserted directly into the frame, made of beech too, so that the structure has a great stability. Wooden bed bases and slats for a simply incredible support to your mattress; wooden slats always ready to fit your body and give you a refreshing night’s sleep. Among the bed bases offered by Infabbrica, you can find an original and practical single bed base! Master Manuale is an amazing adjustable bed base in wood! Designed for all those who desire top-quality products when it comes to sleeping and resting! Wooden slats are able to combine harmony and naturalness with your body shape; moreover, it is possible to adjust the wooden slats, making these bed bases really unique and inimitable. Master bed base models are equipped with a modern and practical electric system, which will be a great support for your night’s sleep! Master Motorizzata, slatted bed base in wood, adjustable through remote control, is even more “functionality-friendly”! Thanks to the remote control, you can choose the seatback height for a more comfortable rest! Bed bases in wood for a night’s sleep that will make the difference! Find out the wide range of products offered by Infabbrica and choose the most suitable bed bases for you!